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Question: Can you care for someone who has corona virus at home?

Answer: Yes, some people feel mild symptoms that can be taken care of at home. Most people feel a mild illness and recover. However in Nigeria, we are careful because we don’t want to encourage spread in the community, call the NCDC hotline or your health care provider to seek more guidance. The data available so far shows that a few people (about 20%) have severe symptoms and will need hospitalization. If there are one hundred people who get infected by the 2019 novel corona virus, about 80 of them will have mild symptoms and will not need to go to the hospital. Twenty out of one hundred people who get infected with corona virus (20%) will need hospitalization.

The NCDC has more guidelines and testing, especially for someone who had travelled to or had contact with a returnee from a place that has many COVID-19 cases.

See below this pictogram by the World Health Organization on home care for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients.

Tomorrow we will take a burning question: How do I know when to go to the hospital?

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