Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management


This program is designed by our team of medical doctors, dietitians/nutritionist, and exercise professionals to provide care to people living with (or at risk of) chronic diseases and support them to commit to an ongoing healthy lifestyle to maintain optimal health.

The program entails consultation (both in-house and virtual) in our facility by our physicians in US/Nigeria, dietitians/nutritionist and exercise professionals. The most important part of the program is supported by these professionals. Our team recognizes that managing or avoiding chronic illnesses and lifestyle change is a huge challenge in the world today. Obesity is one of the causative factors for most diseases including hypertension, diabetes, heart attack etc., many of which are preventable. Sometimes, some of these diseases may be reversible by simple lifestyle changes. These lifestyle changes are common knowledge to a lot of people but also require the determination and discipline to make the switch, follow through and maintain the positive changes that they have made.

• To use lifestyle change interventions within conventional medicine to lower the risk for chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity etc. and manage/treat such diseases, if the disease is already present.

• To support clients to reduce their adverse health numbers and reverse the progression of cardiovascular diseases and improve well-being.

• To motivate individuals to imbibe healthy behavior to live right and live long.

• Consultation and follow up with a team of health professionals including a doctor, dietitian/nutritionist and exercise professionals.

• Exercise Prescription, scheduled client work out programs (3xs weekly).

• 7-Day Meal Plan personalized to meet your needs.

• Tools for tracking progress and health numbers.

• Monthly group webinar for knowledge sharing and support.

• Online support group.

Other packages (Not included but essential)
• Special diet meal preparation class (extra fee)

• Home Health Equipment to monitor health numbers (extra fee)

• Laboratory investigations (extra fee) (free review by medical doctor)

• Annual physicals (extra fee – virtual participants will need to do this with a qualified medical doctor near them)

• One on one Personal training (extra fee)

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