Physiotherapy Services

Walk-In or Home Services

We provide specialized physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment services for a variety of conditions such as Musculoskeletal injuries, Neurological conditions, Cardiopulmonary conditions, Gynaecological conditions as well as Antenatal physiotherapy. We also cater for children and the elderly population. We offer walk in services every Tuesday and Friday from 9am to 5pm. Home services are also available.

Some of the conditions we treat include, but not limited to
Musculoskeletal InjuriesNeurologyMaternal careChild careGeriatricsCardiopulmonary
Osteoarthritis Rheumatic arthritis Gout Spondylosis Spondylolisthesis Disc prolapse Shin splint Headache Lateral epicondylitis Contusions, strains Post-op rehab Frozen shoulder Chondromalacia patellaStroke Parkinsons Guillain barre Multiple sclerosis Neurosarcodiosis Cerebellar disorders ALS TBI Facial palsy Spinal cord injury Perpheral neuropathiesLymphedema Osteoporosis Pelvic pain Prenatal and post partum periods, Symphysis pubis dysfunction Urinary incontinence UV Prolapse Post-op rehabBiomechanical problems Respiratory problems Erbs palsy Cerebral palsy Juvenile arthritis LLD Perthes Disease Osgood Schlatters Dx Back pain Club foot TorticolisArthritis Osteoporosis Cancer Alzheimer's disease Joint replacement Balance disorders Incontinence Fracture Cardio rehabCystic Fibrosis Emphysema Empyema Rib fracture Pneumothorax Asthma Peripheral vascular disease Angina Congestive heart failure Bronchitis Brochiectasis Hypertension Pneumonia