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Staying at Home “dos and Don’ts” for your well-being

Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well. I know fully well that your life has been turned upside down.  On behalf of HealthRite Company Ltd, I want to extend my utmost appreciation to everyone who is implementing social distancing and obeying the Stay At Home order.  It’s indeed hard times so I plead that we all bear with one another. Be nice especially to the people around you and the people living with you. This is an Emergency Situation; It’s a World War with an unseen enemy, COVID-19 virus. Remember that in a war, nothing is normal. We’re all fighting to stay alive. And the major way to keep COVID-19 away is by stopping the spread, social distancing, staying at home. All around the world, people are fighting this same battle.  Your contribution in all this is “Wash Your Hands, Stay At Home” to reduce the spread of the virus. As you stay at home, DO a few little things to keep healthy plus a few “Don’ts”.

Do REST, yes that sounds like luxury for the Lagos hustle and bustle. Do use this opportunity to make the time to REST as in really relax and empty your mind.

Do Pause and Breathe. Pause from the giddy timelines, church or mosque activities, social gatherings. BREATHE, Focus on exhaling before you take a deep breath.

Do Keep Committed to your Well being

Do Stay Hydrated, Drink at least 8 glasses of water

 Do Keep Moving around the house

Do  Keep ACTIVE. Walk around your house, dance, skip rope, run. You can Do other exercises – plank, squat, sit up, lunge, bird dog etc

Now a few Don’ts

 Don’t lie in bed all day especially with your phone or tablet.

 Don’t sit all day long especially if you are working from home.

.Don’t panic or worry unnecessarily.

 Don’t sit down or lie down on the bed for too long..

Remember “HOME is where the Calm  is”, so Be Nice and Don’t turn your house to another battleground.  

Don’t forget to call on that Supernatural Being whose power surpasses medical knowledge. By God’s grace we shall all win this battle.

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