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Every good thing comes with a price but at HealthRite Gym, the price is right. Everyone needs exercise, that's the most common advice that doctors give you in addition to your medications. It's so important and cannot be over emphasized. Exercise and fitness is for everyone. It's good for the young, it's good for the old, it's good for the slim and it's good for the obese. It not only aids weight loss or fitness, it also keeps you 'alive'. It keeps the heart pumping and invigorates the whole body. At Healthrite, we start with a wellness assessment for everyone who registers in our gym. We also develop an optimal personal exercise plan to help boost your weight loss and fitness. Our experts can cater to every need, we have exercise plans and strategies to restore your metabolism, for different categories of people whether it's for normal people or for energetic athletic individuals, or for the obese or for people with heart problems, or for the elderly. We also add a free nutritional assessment and strategy to help you maximize weight loss, gain more energy or build muscle.

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