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HealthRite is a one stop Wellness Centre comprising a Medical Clinic, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy Clinic, Gym and Fitness Centre, Medi-Spa, Massage Therapy, Sauna, Healthy Fresh bar for juice, smoothies, salads plus a unisex Salon. Our medical doctors are available not only to treat the sick but more importantly to offer evidence based lifestyle medicine recommendations that have been proven to prevent and reduce the burden of chronic diseases. The central purpose of our business is to keep people well, prevent sicknesses whenever possible and treat the sick.

One stop wellness centre

Our “One Stop Wellness Centre” features many of the services you need to maintain adequate health under one roof, from lifestyle modification and proactive health to clinical services when necessary. You can work out in the gym, join an aerobic class, grab a salad and smoothie in the freshbar and style, braid or cut your hair, grab a relaxing massage or pedicure, all in the same location where you also obtain your prescription medications or supplements!

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Chronic Disease Management

We offer chronic disease management such as management of hypertension and diabetes to improve quality of life and ensure better outcomes. Our Specialists may recommend medications but we have a whole team of experts to support you with non medical adjunct services from exercise to nutritional counselling


Health Mart & Pharmacy

Welcome to HealthGreen Pharmacy. We offer medication counselling services, weight check and BP check. We have a wide range of supplements in addition to prescriptions. Our healthmart is the right stop to get a variety of home health equipment. But that’s not all, stop by today for your personal care items, cosmetics, hair and beauty supplies

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Medical Spa

People tend to think “massage” when they hear the word spa. But our Medi- Spa goes beyond massage. We offer not only massage but additional holistic health services effective in giving balance to your life as well as a beauty regimen. Services include aromatherapy, sauna, skin therapy, microdermabrasion, body exfoliation, waxing and pedicure.

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UniSex Salon
Hair, Skin and Beauty

The HealthRite Unisex Salon is a place for achieving healthy hair, skin and beauty for both men and women. Children are not left out either. The barbers and stylists are trained to sanitize their hands and equipment to maintain utmost cleanliness. Skin care concerns such as razor bumps and dermatitis can be rapidly attended to by our in-house doctor

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Automated Massage Chairs

Do you want a massage but don’t want a hands on massage in the spa? Or are you in a hurry and don’t have up to 30mins for a spa massage? Our “Head to Toe” automated Massage Chair is for you. It gives you the equivalent of a hands on massage.


Stress Management

Stress can take up the form of  sickness, driving you through an endless journey of discovering its roots.  Blood pressure may become very high when stress hormones are released. HealthRite one stop wellness centre is the right place to begin your stress management journey. Contact us today!


Fresh Bar

Want to lose weight? Want to build muscle? The HealthRite Freshbar offers you an exciting transition from healthy is yucky, to healthy is yummy! You can’t go wrong with any of our deliciously healthy options, from our palatable salads to our delectable smoothies, juices and snacks. Welcome to the genesis of Healthy Awesomeness!


gym & Fitness

Every good thing comes with a price but at HealthRite Gym, the price is right. Everyone needs exercise, that’s the most common thing that doctors advise you to get with your medications. It’s so important and cannot be over emphasized. It not only  aids weight loss or maintenance, it also keeps you ‘alive’. It keeps the heart pumping and invigorates the whole body.


Nutritional Counselling

Our certified clinical nutritionists/dietitians are available to help you navigate back to health with diet therapy. We have different plans for different conditions e.g. for diabetic patients or  weight management plans whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle. Book an appointment today


Physiotherapy Services

We offer specialized physiotherapy services for musculoskeletal injuries, cardiopulmonary, neurologic, and gynaecologic conditions. We also offer walk in or home services. We cater to patients from children to the elderly age groups as well as antenatal physiotherapy.


Conference Centre

Our conference centre can sit 400 persons. it comes with central sound system and projectors. A smaller capacity workshop space is available for smaller meetings. Our rooftop outdoor space provides an exhilarating view from the top of the penthouse.