Swinging of the Arms Exercise

Exercise is very important for the maintenance of good health. People with many diseases improve better when they exercise and/or lose a little weight. This is why many doctors today are advocating that prescription notes include exercise. However people find it difficult to exercise. Walking is a good exercise but you need to walk at a brisk pace to get your heart pumping. Many cannot keep the pace. Here comes shortcuts to keep your heart pumping. Swing your arms forwards and backwards while you are walking, to make up for not being able to walk briskly.
Many fitness trackers and bracelets are on the market. They track different health indices, from steps to calories. Some of these trackers comes as wristwatches, some track your sleep patterns while some fitness trackers go as far as measuring blood pressure.
Funmilayo (not her real name) owns a Fitness Wrist Watch. It’s a Step and Calorie counting watch. Funmilayo bought it to help her to be more active. She is a sedentary worker. She sits down for more than eight to ten hours every day at work. She had learnt that it was very important to take ten thousand steps every day. As a perfectionist she always wanted to complete her 10000 steps per day. So she religiously followed every reminder from her fitness watch. Sometimes the message will read thus – “Feed me 250steps”. Other times the little watch will vibrate, on glancing at her wrist, she will see the message “Just 20 to win the hour”. That always makes her to jump up and take the required 20steps.
However as hard as she tried, she couldn’t always keep up with the little equipment. So she started taking short cuts. Once she gets the reminder from her faithful fitness watch encouraging her to move. She continues to work but will start swinging one arm, usually the left arm. This is because she wears the fitness watch on her left hand. The watch counts the movement and usually rewards her with a message “Nailed it”.
I think she was trying to be smart and suitably felt guilty that she was cheating on her fitness tracker. Hence the following question.
Question: My fitness tracker counts even when I only swing my arm, does swinging only one arm count as exercise?

Answer: Yes, but not good enough. It’s indeed better than not doing anything at all. However you can do better. You can get up and walk around while swinging both arms. I teased her that swinging only her left arm can make that arm to become bigger than the right arm. God gave you two good hands, swing both of them.

Swinging the arms is actually a very popular exercise … think of soldiers at a regimental parade. It also dusts up childhood memories of the popular school children’s march past of those days with a leader bellowing out the following commands with a deep voice – Attention! Stand at ease! Left, Right, Left, Right, Forward march! Halt! Salute!

One can actually start sweating by swinging the arms. Apart from the army and school children’s marching, there’s an even more popular practice that originated from China which involves swinging the arms called Qigong. This exercise should be carried out 3 times a day and last at least 10 minutes each time. It will help to improve the blood circulation and starts the healing process if there are any ailments. It is recommended to avoid drinking cold water immediately after the exercise.
Qigong is said to be a practice typically involving moving meditation, coordinating slow flowing movement, deep rhythmic breathing, and calm meditative state of mind. Qigong is now practiced throughout China and worldwide for recreation, exercise and relaxation
Several studies have reported that it is beneficial for quality of life, sleep quality, balance, handgrip strength, trunk flexibility, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and resting heart rate. Another study also reported that it can help to control blood sugar. Before anyone who is suffering from high blood sugar or high blood pressure decides to throw away their medications, note that these are said to be helpful but not confirmed to be curative.
Always consult your doctor to discuss your health condition before you commence any exercise. Most importantly consult your doctor before you change your medications!
Keep moving!

Live Right, Live Long!

Dr Uche


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